GMNIITE giving us that Techno filthTurbulence Lazor BeamsssConnorQ doin' what he does best!


Summer 2018 • Orange County



Turbulence is a music and arts festival where you are encouraged to vibe out, let go and be yourself. The strength of bonds forged through electronic dance music are truly remarkable. Watching people with few similarities come together on familiar ground to dance with each other in harmonious dissonance is a thrilling feat to admire and at Turbulence, we strive to make this a reality for everyone. We challenge you to dance like no one's watching because you are so in sync with the house music. We expect you to embrace your squad when we send those powerfully good vibrations. We dare you to lose yourself with the complete stranger next to you when the bass drops. The foundation of Turbulence is dependent on the immeasurable diversity of our community. It does not work without the acceptance and inclusiveness of each human’s individuality. No matter who you are, you are welcome at Turbulence and the experience awaiting you will be so euphoric that every time you think back to your adventure with us, you'll be entirely overcome with bliss. Six electronic DJs, mind blowing visuals, dank foods, craft drinks, entertainment booths, good vibes and so much more! We are so looking forward to seeing the beautiful plethora of faces and personalities that will ignite Turbulence for the first time ever in Orange County. We are very excited to have you ❤

Line Up

Thank You to William Black and our Supporting Talent for Performing at Turbulence 2017! The Turbulence 2018 Line Up will be Announced in late March/Early April of 2018.

Orange County